Friday, May 2, 2014

bobby brown pot rouge for cheeks and lips

Actually I was looking for stilla convertible cream blusher. When I was at setia city mall, I couldnt find its store. I came across Bobby brown counter. Before I also google Bobby brown cream blusher. When I saw this blusher I would like to try after I read many positive review.

I bought Rose no. 10, must be okay when I dab dab on my hand, looked nice. Then when I took home and 1st tried fully on my cheek, it looked so bright and very obvious just like young girl. I think maybe not so suitable for me a matured woman of 58. I want something that looks natural glow, not so bright and stunning.

although the cream very pigmented just a little dab it covers well, be careful not to overapplied it will turn u into a clown hehehe. actually I like the colour, it would be nice if I were in the mid 20's but im now almost 60's. since I bought for rm95 consider pricey for my thin pocket, I still use it still worth of its quality and  can last long way.

For lips easy to use with brush, now it has become my favourite lipstick, I love very much, soooooooo nice.

Later I went for the second time I bought again no. 3 blushed rose, this one a little bit darker compare to rose. it more to brown pink.

this is blushed rose
this is rose

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