Tuesday, October 10, 2017

My moisturiser

It has been 3 years I did not post anything to this blog.
Today Im going to post about the moisturiser I've been using.
Its a very cheap moisturiser can buy in the drugs store only but really really suits my oily skin.  Recommended my daughter, start from this I never changed to other brand.

But I have another moisturiser which I use only at night before my bed time.  This moisturiser to keep my face moist so that when I wake up in the morning i feel my face fresh and supple

Friday, May 2, 2014

bobby brown pot rouge for cheeks and lips

Actually I was looking for stilla convertible cream blusher. When I was at setia city mall, I couldnt find its store. I came across Bobby brown counter. Before I also google Bobby brown cream blusher. When I saw this blusher I would like to try after I read many positive review.

I bought Rose no. 10, must be okay when I dab dab on my hand, looked nice. Then when I took home and 1st tried fully on my cheek, it looked so bright and very obvious just like young girl. I think maybe not so suitable for me a matured woman of 58. I want something that looks natural glow, not so bright and stunning.

although the cream very pigmented just a little dab it covers well, be careful not to overapplied it will turn u into a clown hehehe. actually I like the colour, it would be nice if I were in the mid 20's but im now almost 60's. since I bought for rm95 consider pricey for my thin pocket, I still use it still worth of its quality and  can last long way.

For lips easy to use with brush, now it has become my favourite lipstick, I love very much, soooooooo nice.

Later I went for the second time I bought again no. 3 blushed rose, this one a little bit darker compare to rose. it more to brown pink.

this is blushed rose
this is rose

Thursday, March 13, 2014

BB Cream review

After I started applying BB cream, I find that my make up routine wont complete if I dont put on my face. I wont go out without it. BB cream really so awesome, it compiled all in one, moisturize, anti acne , anti wrinkle, sun protection, pore refining and lastly covers all the flaws.

Bb cream evens out my skin tone a lot without making me look like I'm wearing makeup at all, and I dont mind much about my scarred face although it doesnt give full coverage.

There are many brands, just chose that is suitable to our skin. Comparing each one of these products shows that these bb creams all  the basic benefit of skin rejuvenation and protection. they may be thick or runny but still hv their own formulation to enhance our beauty.

So far I have used brtc, misha, ellianto, Dr G, and Mlmax hydra. Still a lot more of brands in the market which Im looking forward to try some day. Here are my reviews after using each of it.


This is the first bb cream I bought. I think the best one, since I havent tried bb cream before. It's very thick consistency, gives a good coverage. not sticky neither it is greasy. hv to use fingers to pat and blend well. maybe too light for my skin, but after one hour it absorbed and looks very natural. top up with powder to set.

missha bb cream

Also thick but this one is much easier to blend than brtc. and the colour is almost match my skin. this bb cream has a few shade, mine is 23. I find missha done a good job, it gives a good coverage as well as higher spf which I dont hv to apply sunscreen. after 2 hours tends to make my face oily have to blot it. but I still love it can last 6 hours. I only wear any make up only for 6 hours the most, because I need to wash and clean well to perform my prayer. even any cream can last 12 hours also can only be worn for 6 hours.

Dr G

Just like misha and brtc, this Dr G, also thick and I find difficult to apply too thick and dry fast. but it gives a good coverage and not  oily or sticky. I like  the way it blends well and really last me 6 hours, not much oily especially on the T zone.

Ellianto miracle BB cream

this one very cheap, and the cream is a bit thinner or runny consistency compore to the 3 above. it smells very nice, which I like very much, and this cream really match my skintone. upon applied it covers well but dont look like you apply make up. and really looks natural. I like very much. suka suka suka sangat.


This is the most pricey bb cream I bought so far. and the best because its not so thick neither too thin. easy to blend and looks natural just like not applying make up. Maybe the colour looks very white just like moisturiser but gives a dewy looks but not greasy or sticky. I wear alone by itself no need to top with any powder. love this very much. but too expensive I think twice to repurchase.

Monday, March 10, 2014

the best way to apply liquid foundation or bb cream

Always prep and prime our face before applying foundation. I dont have primer, once I used mary kay primer, but it was long time ago, will buy primer some day, now I just use oil free moisturizer with spf. still looking for the best primer for oily matured skin.

The right foundation will even out our skin tone and gives us the appearance of flawless and radiant skin. But, we have to do it right, otherwise we risk looking like a clown, cakey or flaky. I have experienced this.

There are many ways to apply, by using foundation brushes, wedges sponge, or our fingers. Sometimes by brush or sponge I found like the cream clings my skin, especially onto the fine hairs. But some can do very well,, really beautifully set and awesome.

So, most of the time I use two fingers, ring index, patting and dabbing, fingers give me the best blendability since the warmth of my hands. Be extremely steady just pat pat until we get flawless result, then set lightly with loose powder or trsanslucent powder.

but, but I still use foundation brush when in the hurry or time consume. I never go out without foundation on my face.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Christian Dior is the name of products which I long to buy due, to its steepness I just hoping in my dreams. then I came across the special sale from strawberrrynet.com, 70% off which cost rm75 only. consider very cheap of the good products.

when I received the good only I found out that the colour of this foundation is dark. the shade of 050. from the picture I saw dark colour but hoping maybe can match my skin if not exactly just a lttle bit different should be ok.

what is its description:

A natural hydrating liquid foundation. Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup SPF 10 blends 100% natural mineral pigments with Dior's exclusive, active mineralized water to deliver flawless, glowing skin that actually improves over time. By using advances in mineral makeup technology, this product will take your complexion to a whole new level.

yes, what they promised is true. when I first applied, this foundadion is beautiful and gives a healthy glow, its very natural just like you are not wearing any make up but a very good coverage and  your face looks dewy and nice. 

maybe the colour is a bit dark compare to my skintone, I just top up with a lighter powder. I hope to get my actual skin shade maybe 041 for medium beige, hoping there will be another sales hohohoho. if not will save to buy cos I love very very much.

a little goes a long way.

matched very well

This how I look after applied.
Looked very natural

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


well well well, nothing to do today, talk about make up again. again BB cream. Im realLy obsessed to BB cream, always keep on looking for the best BB cream that suitable for matured skin like me, Im 58 this year, another 2 years will be 60 huk huk huk huk.

ok, just got my order today that is Mlmax Hydra BB cream, ordered online. a bit pricey this BB cream, still would like to try, maybe pricey means good product right.

that's why expensive, maybe the packing. nice bottle.
what the cream claims -

how about the swatch - the cream is almost white in colour just like moisturiser. not so thick consistency. I was wondering, how to apply so white, does it  match my skin. Im typical malay skin of tanned. but when I blended, the texture like disappear thru the skin. and no greasy at all. unlike BRTC, MISSHA, DR G AND ELLIANTO.

so white isn't it.

when blended nice lah.

but I really like the way it appears when first applied, which is not shiny, it feels hydrating on the skin. not greasy and easy to blend on the face. I love that it has SPF 35 and that the packaging has a pump. the coverage is between light to medium, my only hoping that it can last long because this is the most expensive BB cream so far which I bought.

I top up with Clarin Teint Compact Express shade of beige caramel which is  just a bit darker.